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Newsletters, Letters and Class Timetables

Curriculum Newsletters

Here are the newsletters which all classes produce each term.  These newsletters contain important dates, class news and most importantly what will be taught in each subject area throughout the term. 

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Early Years - Dalai Lama, Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole & Nelson Mandela Classes

Y1 – Emmeline Pankhurst Class

Y1/2 – Malcolm X Class

Y2 – Mahatma Gandhi Class

Language Provision 2 - Rosa Parks Class

Y3 – Helen Keller Class

Y3/4 – Dr Barnardo Class

Y4 –  Martin Luther King Class

Y5 - Ellen DeGeneres Class

Y5/6 - William Wilberforce Class

Y6 – Eleanor Roosevelt Class 

Class Timetables 2018/2019

Here are copies of the class timetables for parent reference.  There may be slight changes to these due to trips, workshops or other events in school.

Dalai Lama Class (Nursery)

Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale Classes (Reception)

Nelson Mandela Class (Language Provision 1)

Emmeline Pankhurst Class (Year 1)

Malcolm X Class (Years 1 and 2)

Mahatma Gandhi Class (Year 2)

Rosa Parks Class (Language Provision 1)

Helen Keller Class (Year 3)

Dr Barnardo Class (Years 3 and 4)

Martin Luther King Class (Year 4)

Ellen DeGeneres Class (Year 5)

William Wilberforce Class (Years 5 and 6)

Eleanor Roosevelt Class (Year 6)

Weekly Newsletters

Each week the Headteacher writes a newsletter to keep everyone informed with what is happening in school.  Here they are!

15th February 2019

8th February 2019

1st February 2019

25th January 2019

18th January 2019

11th January 2019

20th December 2018

14th December 2018

30th November 2018

23rd November 2018

16th November 2018

9th November 2018

2nd November 2018

19th October 2018

12th October 2018

5th October 2018

28th September 2018

14th September 2018

7th September 2018


If you have missed a recent letter, check here.  If what you are looking for is not here, just call the school office who will try to find what you need.


Y5/6 Children's Book Show Letter - 19th October 2018

Y5/6 Debating Club Letter - 19th October 2018

Y3 Tate Project Permission Letter - 11th October 2018

Y6 Height and Weight Letter - 9th October 2018

Letter about Y1 to Y6 Maths Booklets -  5th October 2018

Disney Club Letter for Y5 Parents - 21st September 2018

Home Alone Letter - 7th September 2018

Y3/4 British Musuem Trip Letter - 9th September 2018