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School Council and Pupil Responsibilities

At Globe we are a happy community and it is vital that children play a genuine and active role in shaping and supporting our school community. 

There are a lot of jobs to do at Globe to keep everything running smoothly, so the children are very busy!

Just like the world of work, if you want a job, you have to apply for it, be interviewed for it and convince the interview panel that you are the right person for the job.  Of course you then have to do the job to the very best of your abilities being conscientious, hard working and committed.  Find out about the responsibilities children have this year and who got the jobs.

School Councillors

Here are this year's School Councillors ready to make Globe a better place for everyone.  They were voted by children, for children.  This year the School Councillors to get everyone in Globe reading. 'Get Globe Reading' is what they say!

Globe Guides

Say hello to out Globe Guides, always ready to welcome and help lots of visitors to our school.

Assembly Ushers

Here are this year's Assembly Ushers.  Don't they look smart in their Assembly Usher blazers, ready to make sure that everyone is focused and enjoying assembly.

Office Assistant


Here are this year's Office Assistants ready to help Jacqy and Sandra in any way that they can.

Executive Headteacher Personal Assistants

Here are this year's Headteacher Personal Assistants.  Ms Maxwell has plenty for them to do, she really needs their help!

Resource Manager Assistant


Here is the Resource Manager's Assistant.  Lynn is very grateful for all that he does as she organises all the school's resources, a big job indeed.

Globe Gardeners


We may not have much green space but our Globe Gardeners keep what we have healthy and blooming.

Quiz Monitors


A new year and a new job - Quiz Monitors.  It's a big job marking the weekly quiz and they are very efficient.

Sports Leaders

Here are this year's Sports Leaders ready to organise games in the playground for others to join and enjoy.

Playground Managers


Here are the  Playground Managers.  They are responsible for organising the playground equipment, making sure it is well used and cared for.

Globe Recyclers


Thanks to this team of children all unused paper goes into the recycling bins for the weekly collection.

School Photographers

This team makes sure that important moments are captured in assembly and photographs are displayed.

Deputy Headteacher's Personal Assistant

Without this super efficient person, Terry would not be as organised as he is!

Junior Librarians

This team of children keep our library organised and work very closely with Lucy, our Librarian. 

If you want a good book recommended, see them.


Friends Against Bullying - The FAB Team


These children are dedicated to supporting children and are there if anyone has a problem and needs some help  They work closely with our Learning Mentor, Kathleen.

Lost Property Monitors

Lost something? 

These are the children to see, they keep the lost property basket empty!


Assembly Assistants

These children are a great help to all the adults who lead assemblies. 

They do anything that is needed.

Computer Managers

Here are our Computing Managers, always ready to fix those frustrating computer problems during lunchtime computer club. 

They are IT wizards!

Early Years Assistants

This group of children take it in turns to go and support nursery and reception children in in their learning and play. 

They give up their lunch break to do it and help the Early Years staff enormously.


Personal Assistants to Teachers

Some teachers have asked for their own Personal Assistants. 

These two children have two teachers who they support.  Don't they look efficient!


Display Managers 

This super team are in charge of making sure our displays are tidy, attractive and well kept. 

They also design and put up some displays. The only children in our school who are allowed to use the Headteacher's staple gun (they have had training!).

Attendance Monitors

This team are in charge of promoting great attendance

They announce the weekly attendance outcomes in assembly, maintain the attendance display and organise the VIP lunches.  Of course they are always at school and on time!